Absinthe Crash Course

I put together a quick crash course for those new to absinthe and visiting my blog. Reading it will help newcomers get up to speed with absinthe, as well as dispel many myths.

This is by no means an exhaustive lesson in absinthe from any perspective. Instead it’s a quick and dirty intro to absinthe intended to familiarize readers with the subject on the fly.

The Absinthe Crash Course:
Part 1: Your First Glass. This guides the reader through the steps of finding a real absinthe, preparing a glass, and bottle storage.
Part 2: Styles. Covering historical styles primarily, as well as one notorious modern style.
Part 3: Myths. If you read only one lesson make this the one you read. Absinthe is full of myths. This lesson tackles the most common five.
Part 4: Further Education. There’s plenty I didn’t cover. This provides links for those wishing to dive deeper into absinthe culture and history.

Afterword: Absinthe 101 for Bartenders. A quick encapsulation geared towards those who work in the most vital position in the Beverage Alcohol Industry.


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