La Fee Comes Clean

So yet another international brand is changing their recipe from fake oil-mix dyed vodka to something approaching authentic absinthe.

Lucid did this long ago (since day one of their international brand) and I posted about Pernod doing the same recently. Now La Fee is making an effort to finally sell real absinthe instead of a bottle of random stuff simply labeled absinthe.

They are the third in line as far as big international brands go, but true to the spirit of their marketing efforts of the past, they are claiming to be “the first”.  So I have to admit that I am shocked that this company is going 100% natural. Their reputation is such that they would would dupe people as long as possible.

Maybe they have? From a possibly egocentric stance, maybe enough people have become educated about absinthe to force the category to change. Has the day come where La Fee’s sales are dropping so much that they have to change their leading product? With the ever spinning marketing machine that was always La Fee’s best product, I doubt we will know. My money would be on them needing to make money, and no longer able to do so with fake, dyed, crap.

I don’t really have much to add that I didn’t already say when Pernod did this exact same thing months ago, but I will reiterate my closing paragraph of that post:

For the rest of us, the absintheurs, we already know what’s good. Many of us have tasted pre-ban, memorized scientific papers and have forgotten about more historical data than Pernod has locked away. Connoisseurs like us owe it to those who dared to spare no expense and make absinthe the right way. Sure I might buy a bottle of the new Pernod to see what it’s like. But when it comes to buying bottles again, both my knowledge and tastebuds will do the shopping.

The same goes for La Fee.


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