Answering Your Questions

One of the great things about running a blog is that you can see the search terms that led people to your page. Sometimes the terms are obvious leads and other times you scratch your head wondering how the search “email +41 pierre” ended up leading to your blog.

I decided to answer some of the top searches that lead to my blog as well as the stranger terms people have used to find my little slice of internet ranting. I hope you find them as amusing as I did.

Absinthe Meaning, Real Absinthe, Fake Absinthe, Absinthe Guides.
I have you covered. Step right this way.

Czech Prohibition, Czech Alcohol Banned, Czech Methanol.
It’s over. But I have a post right here about it.

Absinthe Kits, Home Absinthe Making, Brew Absinthe.
We have some retards don’t we. You distill absinthe, you don’t brew it. Home distilling is illegal in the U.S. so good luck with that. Soaking herbs in high proof vodka makes flavored vodka, not absinthe. Yes those online kits are a scam.

Politician Absinthe.

Thujone, how much thujone to trip, thujone psychoactive, how to get most thujone.
Again I have to burst some bubbles. Thujone is psychoactive in some very high amounts. However, it’s a convulsant and won’t make you trip, instead you convulse. For large amounts of it, wormwood is a poor choice. Other plants in the Artemesia family have much more thujone. Try sage, tarragon, or rosemary instead. Also have fun with that rectal failure. For the science behind these claims see

How long does thujone stay in your system, can you fail a drug test from absinthe.
I don’t know how long and no, currently thujone is not something tested for in a drug test since it is a naturally occurring substance and not a drug. Absinthe isn’t a drug anyways, it never was (sucker) and if you failed a test it was for other reasons.

Does merlot have wormwood.
No, you are thinking of vermouth.

Buying Mohawk Absinthe.
I don’t know of any pre-ban Mohawk currently on the market. If you find out let me know. It’s rare to find pre-ban and even rarer to find American made pre-ban.

Michael Meyers Connecticut Absinthe.
He’s a great guy. One hell of a reviewer too. I can’t wait to share a drink, or several, with him again.

What happens when you drink absinthe straight, or burn the sugar.
You ruin the flavor because you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s about it.

Should absinthe have chunks in it.
Depends on what you mean by chunks. Traditionally absinthe is naturally colored with herbs after distillation. Even after filtering, some sediment can happen with a true absinthe. If you stick absinthe in the refrigerator or freezer the anethole from anise,  which normally provides the louche might bind and you will see white floating specks (don’t store absinthe like that, room temperature is fine). If you mean plant matter, hell no.

How much does pre-ban absinthe cost?
A lot. Save a few grand if you want a bottle. Triple the price in your head for a good bottle of pre-ban.

Is “brand” absinthe real?
You are going to have to check. If it has added sugar (liqueur on the label), or artificial coloring, chances are no. It should be distilled, not macerated, and contain at least the following herbs; Grande Wormwood, Fennel, Anise (green hopefully, not star). There’s a lot of fakes out there. Surprisingly more so in Europe than in the United States, contrary to what most people assume.

Will I tripp, hallucinate, get high, from absinthe?
No. You’d have to spike absinthe with something else for that. Some tourist traps have been known to spike absinthe with an actual drug to live up to the false promise. There’s no “special method” of preparing absinthe either, that’s just the scammers trying to make you think you did it wrong when their flavored vodka under delivers. You will however get drunk, the main active ingredient in absinthe is ethanol after all.

“brand” thujone level.
Generally the distillers keep this to themselves. I’ve only been able to confirm one brand for one run. The level will vary as terrior can have a tremendous effect on how much thujone herbs have to begin with. Also, the more you really know about thujone, the less it matters.

I hope that clears a few things up since these are the things everyone searches for. Until next time.

Sante! (woof)


2 thoughts on “Answering Your Questions

  1. Who the hell is searching “Michael Meyers Connecticut Absinthe”? You’d think people would have better things to do with their time.

    And “rectal failure”? I’m thinking maybe you meant renal failure, although my ass is aching over laughing about that one!



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