2012 In Review

What a year! Both for Absinthe and myself  this has been a busy, busy year.

Here’s me padding my postcount with a review of the top posts of 2012, because the year was just that awesome!

March 5th: I start this blog on National Absinthe Day. This is kind of, maybe, quite possibly significant for the blog.

June 8th: A terribly short post about the first ever Great American Absinthe Festival. It was awesome and I can’t wait for the next one. Of significance was a testing of the new review guidelines from the Wormwood Society, which turned out to be a great success.

July 11th: I fan the flames and report on some inside politics of the Absinthe business. Not surprisingly this was a love it or hate it moment for many readers and associates of mine. I follow up with several other articles later on in the year continuing my trend of alienating my audience.

July 23rd: The Absinthe Crash Course. To date one of the most widely read articles on the blog. If you haven’t gone through it, I’d suggest starting there.

September 10th: A bit of personal history and some shaming of a large alcohol company trying to cash in on the Absinthe trend with designer bottles and little else. Once again I’m making more friends and enemies. Taking a stance can be terribly polarizing to your social group.

November 19th: Some friendly advice for the trendy “craft distilling” movement that is cropping up in the United States. A must read for those who want to make Absinthe a part of their professional life.

December 29th: I end the year with advice aimed at bartenders and serving Absinthe. Think of this as an afterward to my Crash Course.

With that year behind us I can only tell you guys to stay tuned. There are three posts in my drafts folder that are requiring a bit of extensive research and patience. I’ll continue to post news and tidbits as well. Needless to say it’s going to be a wonderful year ahead for the blog and American Absintheurs from coast to coast.

Until next time!
Woof!, er… Sante!


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