Czech Prohibition (Seriously)

After a string of deaths involving methanol heavy bootleg booze, the Czech Republic has stated that it is entering a temporary prohibition.

Because prohibition totally kept unsafe bootleg stuff out of people’s hands in America, right?

The prohibition only effects the sale of liquor over 20% alcohol so don’t worry beer lovers, you can still get your Czech beer.

It also doesn’t stop the sale of exports. So while many are hailing this as the death of fake Czech absinthe, it will probably do no such thing. In fact, without being able to fleece ignorant tourists in their homeland, the fauxsinthe producers are probably going to step up their international marketing and sales efforts. So prepare for an onslaught of fake Czech crap.

While this is certainly strange keep in mind that it is supposed to be temporary.

At this time I would like to point out once again that I know of only one distillery in the Czech Republic making true absinthe: Zufanek. Not only that but they make pretty damn good, true absinthe. I wish Martin & Co. the best of luck in these trying times.

Update (9.24.12): Suspects caught. Prohibition set to end soon.

Update (10.2.12): Ban halfway lifted. Local sales regulated by strip stamps. Exports to the EU still banned.


2 thoughts on “Czech Prohibition (Seriously)

  1. Looks like maybe no one can fill orders placed in the last few days for a few months, and that they can’t produce anything for a year, a nice supply break for terrible shit. But bad, bad news for Zufanek.

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