Customs Delays Vieux Carre Production

Philadelphia Distilling Company’s Vieux Carre Absinthe, having been on the market since 2008, hit an odd snafu recently. According to Philadelphia Foobooz the second order of dried Wormwood that the company has ordered this year from Switzerland got held up in customs.

Although the company has been importing Wormwood for years, and this is the second shipment this year, it seems that someone at customs is unaware what Artemisia Absinthium really is.

Some people may quip that the misinformation spread by fauxsinthe vendors are harmless marketing gimmicks. Some may say that customs agents would know better and be trained not to stop the regular shipment of an ingredient. This is proof of otherwise.

When a person in a position of power is grossly misinformed, it says a lot about the agency that hires said person. Americans tend to get feisty when our tax dollars are misused or go to waste. As a citizen who knows the truth about wormwood, this certainly rubs me the wrong way.

Although, as a person who has tasted both distilled and dried wormwood from the world over, I’d have to also say that importing it might be a mistake. Some of the best wormwood I’ve tried comes from right here in the United States, but more on that at a later time.


One thought on “Customs Delays Vieux Carre Production

  1. Thanks for sharing – I hadn’t heard about this. I wonder if VC sources its wormwood from the same grower which the Delaware Phoenix distillery uses (a well-known source who provides various herbs for several absinthe distillers).

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